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SysAid is software for organizations' IT (Information Technology) departments

License: Freeware
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Developer: Ilient ltd.
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SysAid is software for organizations' IT (Information Technology) departments. SysAid provides asset management, automatically scanning the organization's network and listing its machines.

SysAid provides details on each machine (its hardware, software, history, and more), and lets you remote control it. Without ever leaving their office, IT managers can control the entire organization's inventory.

SysAid Help Desk and Inventory also provides service management (help desk). End users use forms to submit service requests (error reports, calls for assistance, etc.), which SysAid managers receive and deal with.

The system uses Email, SMS, and IM to provide the most efficient methodology possible. SysAid offers multi-language support, providing interfaces in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Automate handling of service calls and measure response time on-the-fly.
Lower down-time through more efficient system management.
Maintain and manage hardware and software inventory.
Serve remote users efficiently and securely.
Demonstrate IT performance with accurate and accessible reporting tools.

SysAid is built specifically for IT management. It can better meet the demands of organizations seeking internal web based help desk software.
SysAid is the only IT software to offer full communication abilities. SysAid not only lets users send Email, SMS, and instant messages to one another; it can even contact them itself, automatically. Time-consuming phone calls are replaced with modern, efficient communication.
SysAid offers minimal setup and maintenance time. Available as either an installed solution or an online hosted solution, SysAid provides record-speed implementation and integration.
SysAid works on multiple platform environments, such as Windows and Linux.
SysAid offers an all-in-one solution. A single interface provides web based help desk software, remote control, asset management, IT activity analysis tools, and more.
Fit for technical and non-technical users, SysAid is intuitive and easy to use.

Here are some key features of "
Web Based Help Desk Software

Based on parameters such as category and location, service requests can be configured to automatically reroute, change their priority or due date, and perform other actions.
Service requests can be sorted according to user, due date, and other fields.
Administrators can create escalation rules.
Service requests can be placed in a knowledgebase, which can be easily searched.
End users and administrators are automatically notified about new, modified, and escalated service requests.

Asset Management

Desktops, laptops, and other assets are listed and grouped using an automatic deployment tool.
Hardware and software changes are updated automatically.
Machines can be fully remote controlled by administrators.
Easy integration to external purchasing and ordering systems via XML.
All reported changes are saved in a permanent computer record, which contains hardware/software and service history.

Project and Task Management

Create, list, and manage projects and tasks.
Track work progress and resource use.
Allocate time wisely.
Keep record of all activities.
Store relevant documentation.

Reports and Analysis

Automatic reports on help desk activity, service quality, hardware/software inventory, and more.
Reports can be configured to match administrators' needs.

Installation and Implementation:

Fast, painless, automatic installation and configuration implemented via simple wizards
Optional web-based solution requires no installation or integration
Zero technical overhead
User accounts automatically retrieved from the network's Active Directory (or other LDAP server)
Integration with single-sign-on systems and "Integrated Windows Authentication"
Lightweight agent automatically deployed onto machines across the network, allowing:
Submission of service requests
Automatic submission of computer inventory changes
Remote control
Logging of computer events
Low system resource usage
Accurate and accessible reporting tools demonstrating IT performance

Help Desk Administration:

Simple yet inclusive form enables quick submission of service requests to IT department
Comprehensive escalation functionalities
Intuitive, customizable interface and efficient methodology
Service request priority defined by pre-determined rules based on category, urgency, and other fields
Automatic routing of service requests according to pre-defined parameters and priority
Automatic logging of all service requests and corrective actions
Customizable help desk interface allows sorting of service requests by type, preferences, severity, and more
Knowledgebase of important service requests
Editable list of common problems & solutions for end users to browse through
Full communication abilities--users can email, SMS, and instant-message one another
Automatic notifications, via email or SMS, of new, modified, and escalated service requests
Customizable alert system highlights urgent, unresolved, or escalated requests
User and administrator groups enable dividing the help desk into logical units

Asset Control & Management:

Network computers detected automatically; no need to input assets manually
Assets' hardware and software automatically detected and displayed; no need to manually input asset information
Hardware and software changes on assets detected and updated automatically; SysAid keeps an updated picture of the network and its machines
All reported changes saved in a permanent "asset record", which contains hardware/software and service history
Assets easily located using powerful search/listing functionalities
Full and easy remote control of assets
Assets interface with the help desk, displaying (and alerting administrators of) service requests associated with them
Easy integration to external purchasing and ordering systems via XML
Tracking of software and supplier catalogues

Reports and Analysis:

Extensive reporting capabilities to monitor system data and analyze costs
Log files keep records of calls, including time spent on each call
Large selection of pre-defined reports on service and assets, and creation of tailored reports on demand
Reports available in various formats, including PDF and Excel spreadsheets


All communications safeguarded with "military strength" encryption technology - 128bit SSL, TLSv1
Access to system by username/password only
Access to all machines strictly controlled
All user and service data stored in central, secure database

Remote Control:

Anywhere to anywhere access via secure web connection
Full IT control of remote computer
Communication with remote user via SMS, IM, or email
Access to computers and other machines is granted for users working from home or using a remote machine

Task & Project Management:

Creation, listing, and managing of projects and tasks
Tracking of work progress
Tracking of resource usage (work force)
Efficient time allocation
Records of all activities
Storing of relevant documentation

What's New in This Release:
This release includes the Manager Portal, a new module that provides an immediate and customizable overview of the state of affairs in your organization.
Managers receive the most relevant information instantaneously, by means of a selection of customizable charts in the dashboard, or by using an extensive range of options for running, scheduling, and generating automatic reports.
Nine new features were added, including an option to nominate end users as supervisors, and 23 bugs were removed.

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