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Firefox Showcase is an extension that provides a new way to manage tabs and windows by showing them as thumbnails in a single window,

License: MPL (Mozilla Public License)
File size: 157K
Developer: Josep del Rio
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Firefox Showcase is an extension that provides a new way to manage tabs and windows by showing them as thumbnails in a single window, tab or sidebar.

Includes a find bar that will filter the thumbnails, and the capability to select the thumbnails in the same way you would select files in your system.

Here are some key features of "Firefox Showcase":
Support for Firefox 2 beta 2.
"Only current tabs" mode: toggle with CTRL+U. Will show only the current tab of each window. Can be enabled by default.
Added selection area, making it easier to select thumbnails with the mouse. Works exactly as any file manager.
Thumbnail caching. If enabled, a small capture of the different tabs will be cached, and used by Showcase when invoked. Disabled by default, can be enabled in the "Advanced" settings tab.
Full screen plugins are now detected, and will show an icon instead of trying to render the thumbnail. Specific icons have been added for PDF, Quicktime and Flash. Other plugins show a generic plugin icon.
Showcase can now be invoked using Firefox command line ("firefox -showcase"). This is useful when used together with an automation tool like AutoHotKey (
Added option to hide the tab bar while using Showcase sidebar.
Find bar state is now synchronized in Showcase tab, so it's not possible to have 2 find bars at the same time. Can be disabled if necessary.
Added new contextual menu actions: Showcase This Window, Duplicate Tab In New Window, Move Tab To New Window and Page Info.
Added message when no thumbnails are being shown.
All Showcase instances are updated when configuration is changed.
Better support for custom themes. Also, looks better in Flock.
Fixed IE Tab detection (was not working in 0.7.0).
Improved close tab code. Focus in Showcase window will be retained when closing thumbnails.
Focus is retained when Showcase creates a new window (for duplicating or merging tabs).
Added new option: "Set thumbnail as the current tab when mouse cursor is over it". If activated, and in sidebar mode, a thumbnail will be selected just hovering your mouse cursor in it's thumbnail. Consider deactivating the "Close Showcase sidebar if a thumbnail is opened" option if used.
Added an independent version of Showcase for SeaMonkey ("SeaMonkey Showcase"). Also, solved the configuration panel problem, and the contextual menu actions that were not working.
Solved Showcase sidebar title cosmetic bug when statistics where activated.
Fixed key shortcuts with modifiers bug.
Change Showcase sub-menu position in the "View" menu. Now it's located under the "Sidebar" sub-menu.
Added id attribute to menu items.
If a thumbnail is focused, scroll will adjust automatically to show that thumbnail completely.
In find bar, cursor and page keys can be used to scroll the thumbnail area.
Added locales for Dutch (nl-NL, by Mark Heijl)and Hungarian (hu-HU, by Bernat Peter).

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