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fmtools is a pair of simple command-line utilities for “video4linux” radio tuner cards under Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 21K
Developer: Ben Pfaff
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fmtools is a pair of simple command-line utilities for “video4linux” radio tuner cards under Linux. fmtools includes fm for power control, tuning, and volume and fmscan for scanning for stations.

They are quite simple and only implement the basic functions needed to control your devices. Other programs exist with much nicer interfaces. If you want simplicity, this is where to look.

fm handles basic on/off, tuning, and volume changes for v4l radio cards. There is also a quiet mode to allow it to run inside IRC scripts and other programs without disrupting the display.

fmscan by default scans from 87.9 to 107.9 MHz in 0.2 MHz increments, looking for stations that have an average signal strength of 50% or greater.

This code should be useful to coders who want to implement scanning functions in other v4l tuner programs. This is only really useful if your driver uses VIDEO_TUNER_LOW for 1/16000 MHz increments. Otherwise, rounding errors will undoubtedly keep the card from locking on to anything.

These programs are supposed to provide a simple and consistent interface to the v4l radio cards. They are used here during the debugging process of radio card driver hacking, for what it's worth.

What's New in This Release:
New maintainer. New home page is
Updated email addresses.
Integrated Debian packaging.
Made fmscan threshold configurable from command line.
Use videodev.h header detached from kernel to avoid including kernel headers.

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