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FSGuide is a Norton Commander-clone for the web, which might be useful when you do not have shell access to your server, but want to

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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FSGuide is a Norton Commander-clone for the web, which might be useful when you do not have shell access to your server, but want to perform various file operations. As a hosting provider, you can even give this tool to your hosting users, so they can access and modify their files through FSGuide - or you can use it yourself as a system administration tool.

Note: Due to the limitations of running scripts in server environment, you can reach only those files of the filesystem that are available to the web user (www-data or wwwrun used by Apache). In general, it's much more than just the files and directories under document root!

Here are some key features of "FSGuide":
user authentication (you can disable user authentication to use FSGuide without logging in)
details of user access are configurable in a simple .ini file
deeply customizable through its configuration file and the user.ini file, loads of peruser settings
access control finetuning through access control lists in user ini file
you can implement your own authentication module (eg. rdbms-based)
two-panel display (supports sorting)
directory bookmarks
selecting files using checkboxes You can even "cross-copy" files between the two panels: after selecting files in both panels, just click the copy or move button - this way all the selected files are copied/moved to the other panel. If you click on the delete button, all the selected files in both panels are deleted.
advanced file selection dialog (select files by regular expression, extension, extension group, permission, filesize, time)
copying, moving, deleting files and directories even recursively
renaming files or directories (only the first selected file)
creating directories
the file operations use no external commands (it helps multiplatform use)
a one-line navigator on both panels. Clicking on parts of the navigator results in opening that subdirectory in the panel.
downloading files (and optional bandwidth control mechanism)
opening and displaying files:
- built-in detection for different filetypes (DOC, PDF, text, PHP, binary, etc.) by extension or contents
- displaying files depending on the result of the detection:
- files having .php and .inc extension are displayed using source highlight
- images files recognized by PHP are displayed as images: this helps a lot while organizing image files on a remote server (eg. if you use Windows).
- If there are no other special characters than #09 (tab), #10 (CR), #12 (page break), #13 (LF), the file is displayed as a simple textfile. The file is divided into 10000 characters long pages (you can use the "more" or "less" links to switch between pages)
- If there are other special characters in the file, or characters undefined in the ISO-8859-2 codepage, then the file is treated as a binary file. In this case the control characters, and ISO-8859-2's undefined characters (0x7f- 0x9f) are replaced with a dot (to avoid browsers displaying contents erroneously and to conform the HTML standard).
file uploader:
- configurable number of files to upload at once
- you can configure any application to run after upload
- you can check to drop the original file when the application finishes
file editor:
- plain text editor
- binary editor
works under both Windows and Linux
does not depend on third-party libraries or extensions and needs no RDBMS
produces well-formatted, valid HTML 4.01 Transitional pages
uses PHP's error messages to report errors of file operations (since the default messages contain all the important information about the errors). This will change in the future.

What's New in This Release:
array_multisort bug fixed,
added Spanish translation, thanks to Andres Barreto!
advanced file compare dialog
JavaScript confirmation before deleting files
donations accepted through Kagi

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