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Not A Commander is yet another file manager modeled after the Norton Commander

License: BSD License
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Developer: Sergey Babkin
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Not A Commander is yet another file manager modeled after the Norton Commander. Good integration with the command line is the primary goal.

This project is using the technology of Natural Stupidity for development: first get something working at all, then gradually improve it. My primary targets are the features that I personally would use. The features that I won't use anyway are not planned to be implemented at all (though if someone would contribute an implementation I would gladly accept it - as long as it does not break any of the things that I use).


Run `make'. That should build all the binary parts. The X11 headers are required for build. You may need to modify the Makefile for peculiarities of your particular system (directory names, libraries etc.).


Run `make install'. By default the `nac' binary is instaled into /usr/local/bin and the rest of files is installed into /usr/local/lib/nac (which is referred further as "the NAC directory").
These directory names can be changed in the Makefile. If the configuration file nac.sysrc was present in the NAC directory before installation, it will be moved into nac.sysrc.old.


The default configuration of NAC can be changed with rc files. There are two rc files:

per system - nac.sysrc in the NAC directory per user - .nacrc in the user's home directory

These files are common Tcl scripts that can be used to change the tunable values. NAC first sets the built-in values, then loads the system-wide rc file (if present), then loads the user's rc file (if present). Thus the system-wide script can examine the built-in values and modify them was neccessary, and the user's script can do the same thing with the result
of the system-wide script.

Be careful with the syntax, in case of an error in the rc scripts NAC won't start.

The list of the supported tunables and their values can be found at the top of tune.tcl. For now (the alpha phase of development) it's expected to be quite liquid and change between snapshot releases. Probably some sort of versioning will be added after it stabilizes.

The sample system rc file included in a release contains only one setting - the name of font to use (most probably you don't have the font "koi9x16" which is the built-in default).

The default initial size of the window is defined by panel dimensions, variables named set panel:filespercolumn (number of rows in panels), panel:ncolumns (number of columns in panels), panel:columnwidth (width of a column in dots). The internal xterm is automatically resized to fit these dimensions. Alternative size in pixels or xterm characters can be
selected with command line options.

What's New in This Release:
Various bugs were fixed and workarounds were included for bugs in glibc and Tk.

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