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FunkLoad project is a functional and load web tester, written in Python, whose main use cases are: · Functional testing of web proje

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 90K
Developer: Benoit Delbosc
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FunkLoad project is a functional and load web tester, written in Python, whose main use cases are:

Functional testing of web projects, and thus regression testing as well.
Performance testing: by loading the web application and monitoring your servers it helps you to pinpoint bottlenecks, giving a detailed report of performance measurement.
Load testing tool to expose bugs that do not surface in cursory testing, like volume testing or longevity testing.
Stress testing tool to overwhelm the web application resources and test the application recoverability.
Writing web agents by scripting any web repetitive task, like checking if a site is alive.

Here are some key features of "FunkLoad":
Functional test are pure Python scripts using the pyUnit framework like normal unit test. Python enable complex scenarios to handle real world applications.
Truly emulates a web browser (single-threaded) using Richard Jones' webunit:
basic authentication support
cookies support
fetching css, javascript and images
emulating a browser cache
file upload and multipart/form-data submission
https support
Advanced test runner with many command-line options:
set the target server url
display the fetched page in real time in your browser
debug mode
green/red color mode
Turn a functional test into a load test: just by invoking the bench runner you can identify scalability and performance problems.
Detailed bench reports in ReST or HTML (and PDF via ps2pdf) containing:
bench configuration
tests, pages, requests stats and charts.
5 slowest requests
servers cpu usage, load average, memory/swap usage and network traffic charts.
http error summary list
Easy test customization using a configuration file or command line options.
Easy test creation using TestMaker / maxq recorder, so you can use your web browser and produce a FunkLoad test automatically.
Provides web assertion helpers.
Provides a funkload.CPSTestCase to ease Zope and Nuxeo CPS testing.
Easy to install and use, see examples in the demo folder.

What's New in This Release:
Web functional doctests have been enabled.
FunkLoad now discovers and runs doctests like unit tests.
A new command-line option for more verbosity has been added.
Firefox view has been improved by using an appropriate file extension.
FunkLoad has been updated for CPS 3.4.0.
Minor bugs have been fixed.

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