Selenium Core 0.8.2 review

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Selenium Core is a test tool for web applications

License: The Apache License 2.0
File size: 886K
Developer: Dan Fabulich
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Selenium Core is a test tool for web applications. Selenium Core tests run directly in a browser, just as real users do. And they run in Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. No other test tool covers such a wide array of platforms.

Browser compatibility testing. Test your application to see if it works correctly on different browsers and operating systems. The same script can run on any Selenium platform.

System functional testing. Create regression tests to verify application functionality and user acceptance.

Selenium Core uses a unique mechanism which allows it to run on so many platforms. Written in pure JavaScript/DHTML, you copy Selenium Core tests directly into your your application webserver, allowing the tests to run in any supported browser on the client-side. Thus, you must have write access to the machine your web application server is running on to install Selenium Core.

Supported browsers:

- Firefox 0.8 to 1.5
- Mozilla Suite 1.6+, 1.7+
- Konqueror

What's New in This Release:
A critical bug in all waitFor* commands that made them never timeout was fixed.
Bugs with element highlighting and support for IE HTA mode were fixed.
Additional warnings were provided in the release notes.

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