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The G System, often simply called "G", is an effort to create exactly this: simulation of evolution

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 404K
Developer: Raphael Langerhorst
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The G System, often simply called "G", is an effort to create exactly this: simulation of evolution. This is both, a scientific exercise and a virtual reality where many "users" can participate in an ever changing, realistic and ... evolving universe.

G is basically a framework for virtual world simulations. And not only a framework (the "G System") but a virtual reality itself, which will become the application created with the G System.

* Multi-User 3D virtual world experience. The G System provides a 3D virtual reality that can be experienced by many users at the same time. The Users are part of the evolving universe.
* Simulation. The goal of G is to simulate a realistic, dynamic and evolving universe. To allow great flexibility a well designed core system provides the infrastructure for the world. The whole world is made up with elements.
Elements allow for creation of rule systems (like realistic physics, impact of feelings,...) to be applied to elements as well as integration of artificial intelligence (and anything else that is needed) to create evolutionary abilities.
Rule systems are created with "agents". These agents can reach arbitrary complexity and are executed as a thread, thus allowing maximum freedom to the agent design. Users can enter the world and interact with their environment, which ultimately has an impact on the evolution of the virtual universe. Thus, users make up a part of the overall simulation.

What's New in This Release:

G Core System (GCS):
GCS::GObject does not store the IDs of the children anymore
GCS::GWorldData can now return a list of children of an element

G World Engine (GWE):
Bugs fixed concerning connecting to the G Universe
Mutex deadlocks fixed that prevented the demo to run
XMPP Presence subscriptions are now handled and in use
Added new GStorage class wich implements a Qt based database layer, every database supported by Qt is supported by the G System, tested and known to work so far: QSQLITE, QMYSQL3, QPSQL7
GStorage now used instead of GXmlStorage
All GXmlNetwork related classes have been removed
Fixed iterator bug that could cause crashes
The factory has been adapted to the new database options


Extracted the communication/chat area into a separate widget
Now differentiates between internal and external contacts in the
contact list.
The default configuration file is now in $HOME/.guniverseclient.xml
This makes it easy to have different configurations for every user


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