Gcover 0.1.3 review

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Gcover is a cd cover editor program for the Gnome community

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: L?szl? Benke
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Gcover is a cd cover editor program for the Gnome community. It's my first development under Linux/C/Gnome so don't take it too hard. There are two reasons why I release this program:

I think it is quite useful If you want to create nice covers for your "home made" cds (eg.:audio cds from mp3s or data cds).
I couldn't find any good cover editor program for Gnome.

Here are some key features of "Gcover":
Different kind of covers (One or two back pages,booklet for your front pages or simple 2 paged front)
Title text,page text with different fonts and colors. Many text formatting opportunities(eg.:margins,alignment,columns,word warp,etc..)
Picture for every pages with scaling options,border cutting,different interpolation modes(using the power of gdk-pixbuf),etc..
Printing to postscript output,real printers. Print preview.
Plain text loading to the page editor or to the internal clipboard
And so on... It's better if you look the program

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