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GeboGebo is a wiki system written for tdbengine

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 433K
Developer: Thomas Friebel
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GeboGebo is a wiki system written for tdbengine. It stores all data in a local database structure and thus provides an indexed fulltext search.

GeboGebo is available for free download. It runs on Linux and with a little handwork on Windows 32-Bit as well. The name GeboGebo derives from the Germanic rune gebo, which means as much as "Giving and taking". This is the philosphy of a WikiWiki and is so perfectly with this name.

Due to massive spamming we decided to lock pages for anonymous edit. If you would like to test GeboGebo please register and then login or use the user account "Guest" whose password is "Guest". The sandbox is waiting for you to play around.

For installation of GeboGebo:

Ensure you have a working tdbengine installation. If you don't, better read those Link instructions or this Link German tutorial for IIS setup (with loads of screenshots).
unpack the gzipped tar-archive into your www-root directory
enter the gebo directory on console and run ./
open your web browser and enter the URL leading to your GeboGebo installation directory

Here are some key features of "GeboGeboWiki":
The Automatic Link System links pages by their names without explicitely having to be marked as link
GeboGebo stores all data in a database structure providing high performance data access by using intelligent indexes.
brings its own mini http server which makes installation very easy
The indexed fulltext search makes information retrieval a breeze.
Pages can be renamed at any point of time, without any loss of information.
All activities get locked and earlier revisions of pages can be restored from each page's infinite history.
GeboGebo is capable of providing all information as static pages for faster read access and better indexing possibilities for 3rd party diggers.
The user management is simple but effective: allow or disallow anonymous access in whole or for several pages and enable or disable self registration of new users.
The User list provides information on registered users and points to their personal wiki pages.
A list of missing and a list of unreferenced pages help filling content gaps in your wiki
Fill a blacklist with patterns of wiki page names that may not be edited, if already existing, or even may not be created, if they do not already exist.
File and Image uploading makes GeboGebo the perfect system for your simple document management.
Users can subscribe to pages and get informed via EMail when those pages are changed.
RSS feeds for your news aggregator
Namespaces support you in dividing your Wiki into independend sections.
Macros and plugins open all possibilities of tdbengine programming to you and your Wiki
Link meatball>InterWiki links help you to reference information in other widely known wikis
GeboGebo is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

What's New in This Release:
due to a missing sub directory the minihttp server could not start before gebogebo had been running at least once on another web server before. Fixed.
new switch CreateStaticIndex in the configuration now allows decisions made concerning the automatic index.html file creation (thanks for the tip to Malcolm)
bug fix for the subscription list which before returned a blank page caused by an internal error (thanks to Malcolm)

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