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Gizmo Daemon is the Linux Input Device Utility. Ever want to make use of those keyboard keys and mouse buttons that X won't let yo

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Gizmo Daemon is the Linux Input Device Utility.

Ever want to make use of those keyboard keys and mouse buttons that X won't let you use? Ever want to quickly define a keyboard shortcut to do something like change or mute the volume? Ever want to use your joystick, second mouse, Griffin PowerMate, or any other random device you can think of to do fun things like control applications, switch desktops, switch tracks in XMMS / BMP, launch programs, or do pretty much anything else you can think of?

Are you a MythTV user? Got an RF or IR (LIRC) Remote? Annoyed with how frustrating it is to map keys, or is the remote super touchy? Would you like a simple easy way to configure your remote, and have it function properly at the same time? Want to have different key maps based on what application is currently being used?

Gizmo Daemon does all of that, and more! Gizmo Daemon operates on a fairly simple philosophy: let the user decide. Any and all device events are sent to the configuration scripts, and from there the user can decide what should be done with those events. A number of functions are exposed to the scripts which allows the script to interact with any of the loaded device plugins in any way desired.

Here are some key features of "Gizmo Daemon":
Control any application with any device
Utilize those special keys on your fancy keyboard, even if your X server or terminal doesn't support them! Now you can actually make the volume controls change the volume, or the media buttons control XMMS / BMP! Set the buttons to launch your favorite programs, switch virtual desktops, or run whatever application you want!
Give per application key mappings, very handy for remote users!
Fix touchy remotes by removing quick duplicate keystrokes
Control system mixer volume
Change virtual desktops (only for EWMH capable window managers)
Launch programs
Send keyboard and mouse events to applications
Send device events from one device to another, or create fake device events (control a mouse cursor with a joystick, or keyboard)
Visualization of system events such as CPU USage, and XMMS / BMP sound output on visual devices (such as the LED on the Griffin PowerMate USB Dial).
Fancy on screen displays via XOSD. Now your workstation or MythTV box can have nice TV friendly volume displays controlled by your remote!
And more! Anything you can think of is probably possible

What's New in This Release:
many bug fixes thanks to users
more fixes for gcc4, amd64
removed software pulse plugin
stripped out heavy multithreading code in favor of single threaded non-blocking code. This fixes some critical section locking errors and affected users report no more segfaults.

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