GL O.B.S. 0.1 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Angelo Theodorou
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GL O.B.S. is a OpenGL Benchmark Suite.

We have to facing the truth, there is no serious 3d benchmarking tool in the Free Software panorama, and this is why GL O.B.S. was born.

Technically speaking GL O.B.S. is based around a PyGTK interface that launches OpenGL programs feeding them with a common CLI options set which will affect their behaviour, then receives back their statistical output.

At the moment the available benchmarks are my OpenGL learning demos, they were not created with the aim to benchmark a machine, but, at this stage of development, they can be used with no problem for testing the frameworkat.

If you want to help writing new tests read the documentation.

For the next release database support is scheduled, both a SQLite interface to save tests offline and a submit method plus a PHP gathering script to store, and later browse, online results at disposal of everyone interested.

The idea is that, just like FutureMark 3DMark, the user can upload the results obtained by a test and share it with other users, in order to have a database of hardware performances.

SCons (Building)
Python (Program)
SQlite, PySQLite (offline DB)
OpenGL headers and libraries, SDL, SDL_image (Benchmarks)

What's New in This Release:
i18n support
.desktop icon path fix
2 pixels spacing instead of a blank after labels
Better SCons scripts

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