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gmbCrossword is an application for making swedish type crosswords

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Mikael Ulfenborg
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gmbCrossword is an application for making swedish type crosswords. It is written i Gambas and has support for word lookup in databases.

It is written in english but is translated to swedish. I have some problems to get Gambas to use the swedish translation myself but it's probably my own fault.

In the distribution file you'll find databases for english, swedish and computer words. They are rather small databases (10000-20000 words) to keep the filesize down but it is easy to import new words. I also have a bigger swedish file (>200000 words) but it is not currently in the distribution.


Unpack the file in your home directory (or somewhere else where you have write permissions). You need write permissions to the databases to be able to edit them.

The application file (gmbcrossword) can be located anywhere in your path.
The first time you start the program you need to specify the path to the databases using the settings menu.

Gambas runtime
QT and QT-Ext -components

What's New in This Release:
You can use +/- to change the font size on clues.
A Bugfix:Picture select button has been added. Ctrl-Click can be used to select squares.
The Swedish translation now works.

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