GNU Hosting Helper 2.03 review

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GNU Hosting Helper is a web hosting management package

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 188K
Developer: Red Dragon Enterprises
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GNU Hosting Helper is a web hosting management package. It is distributed under the GNU GPL (General Public License) Agreement.

This package provides tools to manage many of the aspects of a hosting environment.

GNU Hosting Helper also provides a client utility to reduce the need for staff to perform tasks that a client needs such as managing email accounts.

Here are some key features of "GNU Hosting Helper":
Administrative Features

The features provided through the administrative interface include (but not limited to):

Server Tasks
Security Management
Server Monitor
Ticket Center
News Management
Knowledge Base
Domain Management
User Management
Account Information Tools
Miscellaneous Functions
Package Management
Manage Hosting Servers
Manage Client Interfaces
Manage Mail Servers
Manage Name Servers
Manage Signup Servers
Manage Server Pools
Manage Administrators
Manage Admin Daemon
System Config

Client Features

The features provided thru the client interface include (but not limited to):

Account Quickview
Account Resources
System Information
Email Functions
Virtual FTP Management
Sub Domain Management
SSL Certificate Management
Website Management
Front Page Extensions Management
Stats and Logs access
Account Management
Account Billing

System/Network Support

GNU Hosting Helper currently supports management for the following software:

Apache 1.3x and 2x
Sendmail and Postfix
Most major FPTD software
BIND 8x and BIND 9x
MySQL 3x and 4.0.x

What's New in This Release:
Fixes an error with MyDNS where straight domains wouldn't resolve.
Fixes an error with some systems' rnd file creation for creating SSL CSR.
Fixes an error representing bandwidth allotment, usage, and remaining.
Fixes an error in the init.d file for the admin server daemon.
Fixes an error with encryption when editing Webmail, signup, mail, and hosting servers.
Adds SSH port specification and SSH daemon management to all managed servers.

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