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Gnumeric is a powerful and easy to use spreadsheet using GNOME

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jody Goldberg
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Gnumeric is a powerful and easy to use spreadsheet using GNOME. Its goal is to provide a full featured spreadsheet and a smooth migration path for people and organizations currently using proprietary applications.

Gnumeric provides more sheet functions and greatly improved accuracy when compared to Microsoft's Excel. A plugin system lets you extend Gnumeric, adding functions, I/O formats, and real time data capabilities.

The existing Python, Guile, and Perl plugins let you define complex functions. Gnumeric is capable of reading and writing MS Excel, and reading Lotus, Applix, Quattro Pro, OpenCalc, XBase, DIF, SYLK, HTML, Psion, MPS, oleo, sc, misc. text formats, and its native XML. It can also generate Latex, HTML, and others.

What's New in This Release:
Eduardo Lima:
Make printing support optional.[#331948]

Jon Kayre:
Fix another clipboard crash. [#362993]
Fix encoding of mailtos. [#148550]
Fix crash in sheet label context menu. [#363261]
Fix crash when deleting same sheet from two views. [#364082]
Fix crash reading inconsistent file. [#312010]
Remove "deactivate all" button from plugin manager.
Fix crash due to invalid border line type. [#364658]
Fix crash on loading Excel file with unusual text box. [#340293]
Fix loading Excel files with unusual cell merges. [#331190]
Update window list when closing view. [#366335]
Fix crash when attempting to edit locked cell. [#367870]
Fix initial sizing bug. [#368825]

Rewrite expression relocation logic.
Add accelerator (Alt-=) for auto-sum.
Make paytype handler more flexible.
Fix DIF import/export.
Add accelerator for group/ungroup and inc/dec indent.
Make clipboard faster.
Support exporting only visible content to clipboard.
Fix checkbox objects.

Joseph Pingenot:
Add more conditional format types.

Basic life support for perl-loader. [#362911]
Fix csv problems. [#359269]
Fix crash deleting and adding sheets. [#363549]
Fix jump-to-area crash. [#363977]
Fix search crash. [#364085]
Fix IPMT, PPMT issues.
Start fixing issues with sheets being deleted underneath a dialog. [#364291]
Fix undo/redo problems in cases where all sheets might become temporarily hidden. [#366477]
Fix crash relating to workbook disposal. [#366570]
Fix edit-line weirdness. [#367870]
Cleanup g_free and g_strdup calls. [#369661]
Fix undo for sheet object copy. [#308300]
Fix redo for sheet object copy. [#308300]
Add a bugzilla component for bug-buddy. [#348829]
Make WorkbookView a more proper gobject.
Fix autosave crash.
Handle parsing of "2005/12" and "12/2005".
Handle parsing of "1-10" in non-date cells. [#376090]
Handle new documentation format in the function selector.
Improve formula editor a bit.
Fix sheet object selection problem. [#376866]

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