Gozirra 0.4.1 review

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Gozirra is a lightweight implementation of the Stomp specification

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
File size: 22K
Developer: Sean Russell
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Gozirra is a lightweight implementation of the Stomp specification. As of the first release it includes both client and server implementations for Java. The name stinks, and may change.

Stomp (previously TTMP) is a simple publish/subscribe messaging protocol. Its main attraction, to me at least, is its simplicity and focus. A Ruby client comes out to 107 lines of code.

The Java server and client of this project fit in a jarball about 14KB large. You can easily communicate with a Stomp server via telnet, and it provides publish, subscribe, receipts, and transactions. It is everything you need for a lightweight communication protocol.

Gozirra is not intended to be a scalable standalone MOM solution. While it can be run in standalone mode, it is really targetted at being a library for providing embedded messaging to other applications. If you want a more feature full messaging provider, check out ActiveMQ, the reference platform for Stomp.

What's New in This Release:
Several synchronization bugs have been fixed, and documentation has been improved.
Commands and headers are trimmed of whitespace, making for more relaxed interpretation.
An authentication framework has been added.
The project name was changed.

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