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MantaRay project is an innovative open-source data messaging project that was designed to address the continuously changing structure

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MantaRay project is an innovative open-source data messaging project that was designed to address the continuously changing structure of today's IT environments. MantaRay uses a new approach � peer-to-peer serverless architecture � that allowed its development team to create a solution that is significantly more powerful and more efficient than traditional systems.

Being lightweight and OS-agnostic, MantaRay is ideal for heterogeneous, distributed, high-traffic environments. It is highly scalable, providing much faster performance than traditional messaging systems, such as buses and brokers. MantaRay's serverless design can also help IT organizations dramatically reduce hardware and operational costs.

While traditional messaging systems such as brokers, buses and home-grown solutions were appropriate for monolithic IT environments, MantaRay's design takes into account the continuously changing structure of today's IT environments. By using a peer-to-peer serverless architecture, it provides distributed environments with significantly faster performance and a higher level of robustness, as well as a comparatively rapid implementation time.

MantaRay's flexible and lightweight design enables it to be embedded at the application level, thus bringing all functionality to the edges and eliminating the problem of having a single point of congestion and failure. The solution brings high reliability, scalability and availability to enterprise-grade messaging, and is capable of supporting multiple components, business partners, and locations.

The open-source, OS-independent, standards-based MantaRay solution combines cutting edge technologies such as XML, enterprise-grade communication services, and Service Oriented Architecture. Building on the MantaRay framework, developers can cost-effectively create real-time data messaging solutions that reliably connect applications and provide guaranteed delivery, security and transactions.

As a Java Messenger Service (JMS) provider, MantaRay is written in 100% pure Java, supports JMS 1.x & RMI APIs, provides TCP, UDP & SSL transports, and integrates with WebLogic & WebSphere. MantaRay features publish/subscribe (topic) and point-to-point (queue) messaging services, automatic discovery, persistent/non-persistent and durable messages, and message filtering using selectors.

Here are some key features of "Mantaray":
Significantly faster messaging transport performance, particularly in high-traffic applications
Theoretically infinite scalability
No single point of failure or congestion
Robust architecture, such that new applications can be added without changes to the other applications
Support of heterogeneous environments
Ease of use and fast deployment
No application modification necessary
No redesign of network topology required for every change
Open source costs and low TCO

What's New in This Release:
The MantaRay open source license has been changed to MPL instead of GPL
High availability features have been fully tested and documented

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