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GQoob is a slightly configurable media player

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: John Ellis
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GQoob is a slightly configurable media player. The API for the xine library changed after xine-libs 0.9.13, I was going to update to the new API but it never happened and have since lost interest in maintaining GQoob. (The features listed below are all implemented and work in GQoob 0.3.0, the few video related bugs in the release are mostly due to bugs present in xine-libs at the time).

GQoob is heavily based on GQmpeg. In fact most of it is the same, except for changes needed to work with GTK 2 and the addition of video support through the XINE library. The video overlay with XINE is possible thanks to the gtk xine interface borrowed from the Totem media player.

Here are some key features of "GQoob":
Random, repeat, repeat 1, loop ab.
Playback speed control.
MP3 tag read/write.
OGG comment read/write.
Keyboard support, also for skin widgets.
Skins (themes).
Built in skin editor.
Flyby window on media change.

GTK+ 2.0
XINE libraries 0.9.13

What's New in This Release:
Switch to XINE for media support
Added video support.
New skin nullby is now the default.

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