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Codeine project is a very simple xine-based media player. Here are some key features of "Codeine": · Plays DVDs, VCDs, all video

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 165K
Developer: Max Howell
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Codeine project is a very simple xine-based media player.

Here are some key features of "Codeine":
Plays DVDs, VCDs, all video formats *
Bundled with a simple web-page KPart () Starts very quickly
Simple, uncluttered interface
"Session based"
Intelligent behaviour
You can record http streams with the hidden record action
You can use drag and drop to play files. Try dragging shoutcast stream playlists, they will play too.

xine-lib 1.0.0
KDElibs 3.3
X11R6, a computer, some video files to play.


I use scons + bksys as the build system. But you can still do the following:

% ./configure && make && su -c "make install"

Or if you have scons installed, simply:

% scons && su -c "scons install"

Note that scons is a little silly and this kind of thing doesn't work:

% ./configure --prefix=/foo/bar --debug=full

Instead do:

% ./configure prefix=/foo/bar debug=full

Planned Features:

The following features will probably be added before 1.0.0:

Playback speed control
Frame capture (screenshots of the video)
Stream recording
A KPart, strictly for embedding in KHTML, possibly in Konqueror also

The main reason I am adding these features is I think they are useful and it would also be a shame to not take advantage of the facilities xine offers.

If you don't think Codeine needs any of these features then please write to me and say so! I am making Codeine for you, the users, so if you don't like it I have failed.

What's New in This Release:
Mute button for KPart
Play DVD entry for KDE 3.5 + media:/ when DVD inserted
DVD-Menu-Toggle is no longer a KToggleAction because I can't detect when DVD menus change, but it still acts as a toggle button
Made record work for systems other than mine! (hard-coded path)
Made record shortcut CTRL-R so it doesn't conflict with the DVD-Root-Menu toggle
videoWindow doesn't judder when toolbar appears in fullscreen anymore
dvd-toolbar is gone, instead root menu button appears when dvd is playing
toolbar in fullscreen mode shows on mouse move
toolbar in fullscreen mode respects user-positioning
media kioslave support
double-clicking the video toggles fullscreen
don't show part in K-Menu
a volume toolbar button, - available from the configure-toolbar dialog, it's not very good yet

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