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GTKYahoo is a GPL'd GTK+ based yahoo pager client for unix

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Nathan Neulinger
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GTKYahoo is a GPL'd GTK+ based yahoo pager client for unix. I wrote this for a couple of reasons - hating windows, wanting to learn GTK+, and because the Java client is highly irritating and seems extremely buggy. (I.e. try resizing a chat window)

The current version works without any problem till now. New features and improvements are being added constantly. Take a look at the ChangeLog for more details.

GTKYahoo has a number of features not available in the Windows or Java versions of the pager, including an auto-reply (answering machine) feature and automatic forwarding of incoming messages via email.

Here are some key features of "GTKYahoo":
Refreshing the Address Book data now refreshes the friends list (in case anyone's real name has changed!)
Now gtkyahoo re-links if libyahoo.a has changed (finally!)
All status messages will use real names if real names are enabled
If your'e chatting with a non-friend and you're ingoring messages from non-friends, you will NOT ignore replies to the non-friend you're chatting with!
Buddy statuses now enclosed in ()'s as with Win32 client
Added lots of keyboard shortcuts to menus
Now the Get Credentials menu item is disabled upon login
Added loads of keyboard shortcuts to the menu items
Now **you** are listed in the Friends list a la the Win32 client
You can now right-click on your name in the main window and change your status
All the possible statuses are now settable from keyboard shortcuts
Bug fixes in the new way the friends CTree is built
Custom status window is now modal
Fixed bug where custom status messages with commas in them caused problems
Now the libyahoo Authors are listed in the About box too
Now your own status changes are announced in each of your chat windows (like the Win32 client)

It requires gtk+ 1.2.x. I have received reports that it works on quite a number of different platforms.

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