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hatatap project is an HTTP scripting tool with scripts in XML

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1928K
Developer: Martin Klang
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hatatap project is an HTTP scripting tool with scripts in XML. The scripts are transformed into Java/o:XML before they are either executed from the commandline, integrated into Ant build files, or run interactively from a Web application.

hatatap supports cookies, Javascript, HTML DOM, Web Services/SOAP, performance tests with concurrency, test reports, regular expression matching, and stateful Web site navigation. It is written in o:XML and uses HttpUnit.

Here are some key features of "hatatap":
stateful navigation
HTML forms
nested frames
pop-up windows
cookies and headers
GET, POST and PUT requests
HTTPS support
regular expressions
DOM-based response navigation using XPath
XML requests and responses (eg SOAP) for testing web services
multipart forms and file uploads
multipart MIME XML requests
millisecond timings and concurrency for performance testing
XML test results
random value functions
extensible test scripts
JavaScript support
basic HTTP authentication
HTTP proxy settings with authentication
automatic redirect and refresh
SSL certificate management
domain name aliasing
multipart MIME server responses (todo)

What's New in This Release:
Binary attachment capabilities were added.
A classpath problem was fixed in the Ant task.
An upgrade was made to HttpUnit 1.6.2 and the latest ObjectBox and o:Lib releases.

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