HTB-tools 0.2.7a review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: HTB-tools Team
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HTB-tools is a project with several tools that help simplify the difficult process of bandwidth allocation, for both upload and download traffic: generate and check configuration files, real time traffic overview for each separate client.

Here are some key features of "HTB tools":
bandwidth limitation using routable IP addresses, using the two configuration files for upload and download
bandwidth limitation using non-routable IP addresses (SNAT), using a single configuration file
match mark
match mark in u32
metropolitan/external limitation
menu based management software for configuration and administration of HTB-tools (starting with version 0.3.0)

What's New in This Release:
Documentation updates and a patch for proper compilation on the AMD-64 architecture: netlink.c has been patched to use socklen_t addr_len instead of int addr_len for AMD-64.

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