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HTML::Myasp can generate HTML pages based on Templates

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 6K
Developer: Hans Poo
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HTML::Myasp can generate HTML pages based on Templates. JATP (Just Another Template Parser).

This library is another template module for the generation of HTML pages. Why ?. Well primarily i wanted a module: light, that keeps mod_perl power and flow control like HTML::Template, good interaction with external contents administrators, have the chance of using naturally the print statement for generating web content, but, for some situations have the chance of directly replace keywords in the template with values. In some way this module centralizes the feature of a hash with values for replacing that you find in HTML::Template and the XMLSubsMatch feature of Apache::ASP.

This module keeps the basic mod_perl flow, and permits the replacing with dynamic content using two forms of marking. Is very well suited for working in parallel with the designers team, living each group advance on its own.

HTML::Myasp export the send_page function by default, you can attach the dynamic content using:

A callback style for special tags delimiting zones.
Direct replacing of keywords by values.
In order to improve performance it uses a global pages CACHE hash, avoiding parsing files unless modified.


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