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HTMLpage is a text-based HTML editor

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 5K
Developer: Paul Sherman
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HTMLpage is a text-based HTML editor. It can use drag'n'drop to generate hyperlinks and image tags with relative links and image sizes. It allows you to create a table by highlighting and copying a table from a document, pasting it into HTMLpage, and then clicking TABLE-ify.

It will turn the comma-delimited data into a nice neat HTML table. Plain text can be converted to HTML. It also features spell-checking, color tag generation from a color picker, and keyboard shortcuts for several common HTML tags.

Here are some key features of "HTMLpage":
It can generate image tags and hyperlinks via Drag N Drop
Convert simple text passages to HTML, basically giving you proper line breaks and paragraph indentation, along with generating Link tags from any URLs you may have included. HTML-ify works on selected text, as does the TABLE-ify, listed below.
Convert tab-delimited info into an HTML table (meaning you can copy a table from a document or Web page, paste it into HTMLpage, the TABLE-ify it to generate a simple, neat HTML table.) Will also turn URLs into links.
Can accommodate multi-line table-cell info.
Spell checking on text selections/passages
Insert HTML color codes via a color dialog
Has search, go to line and page-wide replace functions.
Date insertion. For example: Saturday, 08/20/2005

What's New in This Release:
A tag generation issue with images where when implementing MIME types, images made HREFs instead of image tags was fixed.
pyGTK 2.6 is now used.
Deprecation warnings were removed.

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