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The project aims to develop an intelligent playlist for the KDE media player Noatun

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: iList Team
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The project aims to develop an intelligent playlist for the KDE media player Noatun. Intelligent in the sense that songs are selected from a (possibly large) repository of audio files in a smart manner. Think of it as your personal radio station that plays your favourite songs all day long.

Here are some key features of "iList":
Fast synchronization of on-disk song libraries
Multi-level queues
Automatic and manual rating of songs
Several song selection stragies
Preview of selected songs
Customizable user interface through dockable windows
Fast incremental searching
Support for multiple playlists

What's New in This Release:
New Features:

Added setting to allow multiline cells for comments which fixes bug
Added setting to select the items that show up as search results, so they can be easily enqueued or dragged to a another list.
Added shortcut F5 for updating a playlist and shortcut Ctrl+F5 for updating all playlists.
Added setting to remove items from the Preview when they are played or enqueued from there.
The currently played item is also highlighted in the History where it is
the topmost item.

Fixed bugs:

Fixed same item being played twice in a row in "Adaptive Learning" play mode, by commenting out randomness.
Fixed bug #1281276 which caused an assertion failure in KDE library code.
Fixed last item before shutdown showing up twice in History.
Fixed last item before shutdown not being played after startup although the respective setting is set.


Reactivated "Loop in Queue" feature.

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