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Improv is a tool for basic real time image processing at low resolution, e.g

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 753K
Developer: Thomas Br?unl
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Improv is a tool for basic real time image processing at low resolution, e.g. suitable for mobile robots.

Improv program has been developed for PCs with the Linux operating system and runs under X Windows.

Improv works with a number of inexpensive low-resolution digital cameras (no framegrabber required).

Here are some key features of "Improv":
Modular design, allowing for easy integration of new functionality.
Image processing operations are contained within plugins, compiled as statically
linked files (.so), which can be loaded and unloaded at run time.
Improved support for still image sequences.
An abstract Camera class, simplifying the creation of new camera drivers.
A completely customisable interface, allowing for complex image processing sequences.
Written using the QT Windowing library.
Portable autoconf/automake build scripts.

Improv also includes support for the following cameras:

Quickcam grayscale camera (parallel port) [no longer sold]
Make sure to set the protocol of your parallel port correctly (boot-up setting to either ECP or EPP should work).
Quickcam Color V2 camera (parallel port) [no longer sold]
Sorry, none of the newer QuickCams work - Connectix/Logitech refuses to disclose the low-level interface.
Various web cameras with cpia driver, e.g. ZoomCam
Video 4 Linux cameras
and preliminary support for Video 4 Linux 2 cameras.

Improv displays the source image (from either a still image or a live camera) in the first window, while subsequent image operations can be applied to this image in five more windows. For each sub-window, a sequence of image processing routines may be specified.

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