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IOE project is a C/C++ library with a counterpart set of command line programs

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Irtza Sharif
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IOE project is a C/C++ library with a counterpart set of command line programs. Almost all library functions are exposed to the command prompt for the purpose of being able to embed functionality into scripts. The programs provided range in functionality from image editing and xml parsing to simple scripts. Please see the documentation page for a full list of programs and there purpose.

Why was this created?

IOE is nothing more than a collection of utilities that I created for my personal use. They were made to provide console utilities to automate tasks that I performed often.

The library was created because I noticed that many of the programs that I used had similar components to them. I originally put these functions into a tiny library. Later I moved almost all true functionality into the library and left the programs as stubs that call these functions. Since all these functions are fairly small, this seemed to be a logical choice. It would add fairly little overhead to the system and would allow for the creation of more complicated C programs to sit on top of these functions.

The Parts of IOE
the library
general usage functions
text parsing
balanced tree
image manipulation
sequence editing (video editing)
xml manipulation
the shell utilities: Shell Utility Documentation
video editing
image manipulation
XML file processing
the GUI programs
gtk widgets
xml file viewing and editing programs
flashcard program (educational): currently gtk-1.2 and based on an outdated file storage scheme... newer version in works that will support XML like files.
Professinator: a game originally based off of this code but that also exists in a stand alone platform portable version.
samples of things made with this package – NOT program code.

What's New in This Release:
Bugfixes and more programs.

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