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IRMix is an audio mixer for Lirc

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Alastair M. Robinson
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IRMix is an audio mixer for Lirc. It uses the Lirc infra-red receiver system to provide an imitation of a TV's on-screen display, and handles making audio volumes controllable from an infra-red remote control. If your X server supports the Xft extension, Irmix will use it to add a nice translucent effect to the OSD window.

This is my first Linux project, so please feel free to provide me with feedback and constructive criticism.

Here are some key features of "IRMix":
Xinerama support (thanks to Mark Lipscombe)
A new command: select, which selects a given channel, and displays it without adjusting its level. (Thanks to Maciek Pasternacki)
ALSA Support (thanks to Fran Taylor)

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