IRRToolSet 4.8.4 review

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IRRToolSet is a set of policy analysis tools, written in C++

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
File size: 953K
Developer: Katie Petrusha
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IRRToolSet is a set of policy analysis tools, written in C++. IRRToolSet is designed to run under UNIX, using Tcl/Tk for graphics.

There are tools for generating router configuration files, displaying and checking routes, generating aggregations of networks, etc. This project was formerly known as the Routing Arbiter ToolSet (RAToolset), and was maintained by ISI.

Here are some key features of "IRRToolSet":
analyzes the routing policies registered in the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) and produces router configuration files;

suggests safe cidr aggregates (i.e. those that do not violate any policy constraints) that an Autonomous System (AS) can advertise to each of its neighbour ASes;

low level policy evaluation tool that can be used to write router configuration generators;

prints the route and policy information packets take to a network host;

enumerates a list of paths between Autonomous System and specified destination;

C++/Tcl/Tk program that displays the aut-num object for the specified Autonomous System;

C++/Tcl/Tk program that lists the routes registered by the specified autonomous system;

syntax-checks the aut-num object for Autonomous System registered in the Internet Routing Registry (IRR).

What's New in This Release:
Several bugs that cause core dumps were fixed.

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