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JabRef project is a graphical Java application for editing bibtex (.bib) databases

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Morten Alver
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JabRef project is a graphical Java application for editing bibtex (.bib) databases. JabRef lets you organize your entries into overlapping logical groups, and with a single click limit your view to a single group or an intersection or union of several groups.

You can customize the entry information shown in the main window, and sort by any of the standard Bibtex fields. JabRef can autogenerate bibtex keys for your entries. JabRef also lets you easily link to PDF or web sources for your reference entries.

JabRef can import from and export to several formats, and you can customize export filters. JabRef can be run as a command line application to convert from any import format to any export format.

Here are some key features of "JabRef":
Advanced BibTeX editor Detailed edition of bibtex entries. Search functions
Search a pattern in the whole bibliography.
Classification of entries
You can group entries explicitly, by keywords or any other fields.
Support importation of various formats
BibTeXML, CSA, Refer/Endnote, ISI Web of Science, SilverPlatter, Medline/Pubmed (xml), Scifinder, OVID, INSPEC, Biblioscape, Sixpack, JStor and RIS.
Support different export formats
HTML, Docbook, BibTeXML, MODS, RTF, Refer/Endnote and OpenOffice.org.
Customization of BibTeX fields
You can add your own fields to any BibTeX entry type.
Customization of the JabRef interface
Fonts, displayed fields, etc
Integrates to your environment
Launch external applications: PDF/PS viewers, web browser, insert citations into LyX, Kile and WinEdt
Automatic Key generation
Search Medline and Citeseer

What's New in 2.1 Stable Release:
Added capability to drag files and WWW links into JabRef. BibTeX files will be opened normally, other files imported, and WWW links downloaded and imported.
The -v command line option now makes the application only print version number and quit immediately.
Duplicates within a set of imported entries are now found and shown in the import inspection window.
Mac users can now choose between native and Swing file chooser under Preferences -> Advanced.
Fixed missing duplicate warning when importing without import inspection window.
Fixed error in ISI import which allowed empty fields to be set, causing errors when saving and reloading entries.
Fixed missing time and owner stamps when importing entries (only in 2.1b/2.1b2).
Fixed erroneous updates in entry editor if user switches to a different entry while downloading PDF/PS file.
Fixed bug (only in 2.1b2) in calling file open/save dialog on Mac OS X.
Fixed bug that made duplicate resolver dialog pop under import inspection dialog.

What's New in 2.2 Beta 2 Development Release:
Redesigned export functions to simplify GUI and provide "Export selected entries" functionality. Export filter is now chosen using the file type dropdown menu in the file dialog.
Fixed bug that caused UnsupportedEncodingException on Windows when saving.
Added warning dialog when exporting failed.
Added fix for exporting special chars in RTF like ���...
Added NameFormat LayoutFormatter based on Bibtex method name.format$
Added Fetch from ArXiv.org to Web Search
[ 1587342 ] Quering ArXiv (and any OAI2 Repository)
[ 1594123 ] Fixed: Failure to import big numbers in Bibtex
[ 1594169 ] Fixed: Entry editor navigation between panels faulty
[ 1588028 ] Fixed: Export HTML table has relative DOI URL
[ 1601651 ] Fixed: PDF subdirectory - missing first character

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