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JGraph Layout Pro is the next generation of Java Graph Layout engine designed for optimal performance with the JGraph core

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JGraph Layout Pro is the next generation of Java Graph Layout engine designed for optimal performance with the JGraph core. JGraph Layout Pro project has a flexibility and simple design, enabling you to use circular, tree and force-directed layouts with ease in your JGraph application.

Layout Pro comes with a developers guide and an example applet that demonstrates features such as auto-layout, collapsing/expanding of grouped cells, graph morphing and selective layouting of sub-graphs. Also available is a webstart version.

JGraph Layout Pro provides you with a fully supported layout code base that is actively developed and maintained by the core JGraph development team. Using Layout Pro gives you the added confidence of active bug resolution and developer documentation.

Here are some key features of "JGraph Layout Pro":
Functionality Pro layouts are designed to use the full set of JGraph features such as partial graph views, grouping, animating graphs as well as all the new optimal API calls available in the JGraph core.
Documentation and source Layout Pro comes with full source and an up-to-date developers application note.
Performance Designed from the base up for speed, the Pro layouts make auto-layouting possible on even larger graphs. The Layout Pro tree algorithm is 6-times faster over 25,000 nodes than it's JGraph Addons equivalent, even with it's additional features, such as support for collapsing tree branches.
Stability The layout architecture for Layout Pro is based around the principle of complete flexibility. Not only does this help you achieve the functionality you want, also it provides you a solid API designed for stability and minimal changes between new versions. This means less migration effort between releases, so you can confidently upgrade.
Value Layout Pro represents the best value for money for graph layout software. Combined with the supreme value of the core JGraph library, it makes an unbeatable combination.

What's New in This Release:
The facade has been changed to be able to cope with arbitary levels of nested groups and still layout correctly.
The positioning of labels of parallel edges is improved.
circleRadiusFactor was added to JGraphFacade to enable control over the spacing in the circle layout.

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