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JGraph is a robust and complete graph component that is better than many of its commercial competitors

License: BSD License
File size: 3523K
Developer: Gaudenz Alder
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JGraph is a robust and complete graph component that is better than many of its commercial competitors. With the JGraph zoomable component, you can display objects and relations (networks) in any Swing UI.

JGraph can also be used on the server-side to read an GXL graph, apply a custom layout algorithm, and return the result as an SVG image.

With JGraph, users from highly-technical to very non-technical are able to display and edit complex information without the need to understand the underlying complexity.

JGraph can be integrated into custom applications and websites and allows to use and interact with any data model, from XML files to databases or other native systems.

Written in 100% pure Java, JGraph provides key features such as zooming, cell collapsing/expanding, undo, full event-handling, drag and drop support and much more.

Here are some key features of "JGraph For Java 1.4":
Edge Editing: Add/Remove Points, Connect, Labels
Moving/Sizing: Transaction-Based, with Live-Preview
Selection: Single-Cell and Rubber-band Selection
Zoom: Arbitrary Zoom, Uses Java2D
Layering: View-Dependent Layering
Grouping: Children Selectable; Uses Tree-Interface
Grid: Customizable Size, Color, Appearance
In-Place Editing: Direct Text Editing for all Cells
View Attributes: Separate Attributes for each attached View
Graph Layout: Easy Integration of Custom Algorithms
Ports: Floating Connection Points for Vertices
Graph Layout: Easy Integration of Custom Algorithms
Handles: Flexible Interface for Cell-Modifications
Drag and Drop: Between JGraphs and native apps
Clipboard: Supports Multiple Transfer Formats
Undo/Redo: Multi-View; for all available Operations
Look-and-Feel: All Swing Pluggable Look-and-Feels
Routing: Customizable with Default Algorithms
Visibility: Hide edges, vertices and groups
Attribute-Split: Per attribute control of view-only attributes
Clustering: Collapsing/expanding of Groups
Ant-Based: Ant-based build environment
Precision: Double precision coordinates
Labels: Draw Labels Along Edge
Support: Commercial Support
Spline & Bezier: Curves with n control points
Attribute Maps: Custom behaviour, points and bounds
Geometry: Standalone layout caches & cellviews

What's New in This Release:
This release fixes a critical bug in 5.9.2 which caused the ordering of cells in the model not to be retained through specific operations.
It adds an option to not delete empty group cells in DefaultGraphModel.
This is currently the stable branch of JGraph; the 5.10 branch remains in beta.

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