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jNetStream is a protocol analyzer and a sniffer

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Mark Bednarczyk
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jNetStream is a protocol analyzer and a sniffer. A set of applications and complete Java library are provided with a comprehensive API.

Hundreds of protocols have been defined, and the list can be expanded with a simple NPL language. It is appropriate for custom protocol development, grad students, and network teachers/professors.

Supplied applications provide all of the common functionality you may expect from a packet sniffer:

*) slydecoder - a packet decoder that is extremely flexible.
-> group packets by flows (-g option).
i.e. TCP stream will be grouped into a flow
-> you have the option to supply your own protocol definitions
-> decode multiple files at once
-> decode different types of capture files at once
-> most powerful filter engine available

*) slycopy - capture (or trace) file manipulator
-> merge multiple capture files into single output file
-> merge multiple capture files even if they are of different types
-> apply filters during the manipulation
-> In the future you will be able to modify packets during copy
(i.e. remove a specific header from packets such as decapsulate VLANs)

*) Also you can execute both of these applications using java runtime
environment like this:
-> java -jar JNetStream.jar

-> java -jar JNetStream.jar

Or shorthand for SlyDecoder using the default main class:
-> java -jar JNetStream.jar

Note: /opt/jnetstream directory is the default installation directory, if you install JNetStream into a different directory adjust the base dir name appropriately.

What's New in This Release:
This release introduces a number of new features and bugfixes.
NPL protocol definitions are now only loaded on demand and allow user-definable binding overrides.
New packet counting options have been added which run under several different models, including a statistical model.
Packets can be counted in very large, multi-gig files quickly.
Lots of logging (Apache CommonsLogging and Log4j) has been added.

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