Jreepad 1.5 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Dan Stowell
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Jreepad is an excellent free "personal database" program it's a great way to organise all your personal notes, thoughts, recipes, tasks, memories...

What's more, it's open-source and programmed in Java, so that all may benefit from it!

Here are some key features of "Jreepad":
A Jreepad file consists of a nice simple tree structure, and each "node" has an associated "article" - this can be plain text, HTML or tabular data.
Nodes can be rearranged very intuitively with drag-and-drop functionality (or by keyboard), so it's easy to arrange your thoughts.
There's a very powerful and intuitive search facility to locate a piece of text in a subtree
Hyperlink support: select a link and you can follow it - whether it's HTTP, FTP, mailto:, "node://" (as used in Treepad), or even WikiStyleLinks!
Integrated Google search
Load/save Treepad (.HJT) files, compatible with Treepad Lite (so you can share files with Windows users)
...and much more, of course.

What's New in This Release:
JTextile formatting, for a convenient and elegant wiki-like formatting of text.
Infinite undo/redo of changes to text in nodes.
Document icons and file associations (under Mac OS X) for added convenience.
Improved keyboard shortcuts.
A handful of bugfixes.

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