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kArchiver is an little utility for Linux & KDE

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1168K
Developer: kArchiver Team
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kArchiver is an little utility for Linux & KDE. kArchiver's goal is to make your work with all compressed files easy.

With kArchiver, you can create tar.gz, tar.bz2, .zip ... files just by dropping them on this software ! Of course, you can add files, remove, view one or more files thanks to its multiselection window.

You can also convert files between .tar.gz and .tar.bz2. This release introduce the wizards that will help you in compiling and installing softwares throught an interface, in applying patches...

Karchiveur is now provided with an archive "browser", that diplay archives in the current directoty, a search tool (find archives for easier access) A pretty tool is an automatic splitter/unsplitter to make a file going into a floppy. kArchiver has been made to be intuitive and powerful !

Now forget all options of tar and gzip commands, use kArchiver instead !

This software is intented to the "K" Desktop Environment (KDE) . You need it for this program work (at least version 3.x or sup.).
To compile the software, you need the development version of the QT library (go to the download section, then free edition, v > 3.1). It should be incuded with your Linux distribution (RedHat, Mandrake ... )
For .zip and .bz2 support, you need the bzip2 and the unzip package. They are included with each distribution of Linux but not always installed by default.


First uncompress kArchiver: tar -zvxf karchiver-2.0.5.tar.gz
In the directory created, type ./configure --prefix=/usr
Then compile with typing make
Install the software: make install (being root user)
After restarting the "K" menu, an entry should appear in the Utilities section

What's New in This Release:
This is a bugfixes and new features release. kArchiver now support 7z, Sit, Hqx and Ar/Deb files. The Rar archives can now be browsed by directories (like Konqueror) with a huge speed increase. The handling of password-protected archives has been enhanced. Now, the archives can be tested, and some repaired. Added the support of Rar and Zip files comments. The ArchiveInfo and ItemInfo dialog boxes have also been enhanced. During the extraction, a dialog will warn against overwriting. The complete ChangeLog is avaible on homepage.

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