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KASound aims to be a complete frontend for setting up .asoundrc

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Marc Brooker
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KASound aims to be a complete frontend for setting up .asoundrc. Currently it supports software playback mixing (dmix), capture multiplexing (dsnoop), resampling and format conversion (plug) and surroung channel mapping (route).
We hope that this tool will make configuring a soundcard under Linux very easy.

Dmix and Dsnoop, combined with Asym, allow several programs to open the sound card device simultaneously. For example, enabling Dmix will allow your mail client to play it's notification sounds while you are playing music. Dsnoop allows several programs to access the data stream coming from a sound card.

Route allows configuration of which channels are sent to which speakers. This, for example, enables the user to duplicate a stereo source to all the other speakers in their 7.1 setup. Other simple operations, such as swapping stereo channels, are also supported by route.

While this interface is extremely powerful, it is also difficult to configure. This has lead to several myths about Linux's sound capabilities - for example that ALSA can't play many sounds simultaneously.

What's New in This Release:
Configuration of OSS Emulation device numbers was added along with preliminary support for internationalization.
GUI consistence was fixed along with many small and large bugs.

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