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KBear is a graphical FTP client for KDE with ability to concurrent connections to multiple hosts. Here are some key features of "K

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: KBear Team
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KBear is a graphical FTP client for KDE with ability to concurrent connections to multiple hosts.

Here are some key features of "KBear":
concurrent connections to multiple hosts
an extended MDI with three separate view modes
multiple protocol support: ftp, sftp (secure ftp using ssh) etc.
a Sitemanager plugin (a flexible and customizable site database), which can plug into Konqueror
firewall support
SOCKS suppport
directory synchronization (experimental)
set character encoding for remote site to disply for example chinese file names correctly
use of a single connection against for all operations against a host
ability to automatically shut down application, internet connection and even system after finished downloads
support for opening and editing files on the remote server (using the default application for the file type or a selected editor)
internal file previewing (using KParts)
the ability to import FTP bookmarks from various FTP clients using a flexible plugin architecture
a DCOP interface for KBear and the Sitemanager (for scripting)
renaming, deleting and (locally) shredding files and/or directories
setting and changing file permissions
drag and drop and cut-and-paste copying or moving of files and/or directories between any file system
transfer queueing and resume
transfer pausing
transfer progress display
a FTP KIOSlave
auto-opening of folders when using drag and drop
directory content filtering
detailed file view, icon view and tree view
sorting by name, size or date
configurable toolbars
configurable keybindings
show/hide GUI details
show/hide the local file system
auto path-completion
multi-selection options
auto-arrangement of windows
window position session management
window docking/undocking
a setup wizard
a connection timer
thumbnail preview in icon view
a user configurable Tools plugin for adding launch buttons for all available applications on your system
Complete GUI translations available: English, Swedish, French, Czech, Dutch, European Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, Traditional Chinese
Complete documentation translations available: English, Swedish, French, Czech
Incomplete GUI translations available: Espanol, Romanian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Indonesian
Incomplete documentation translations available: Dutch, Espanol, Romanian, Italian, Traditional Chinese

Qt 3.x.x or later.
KDE 3.x.x or later. The package you at least will need is: kdelibs (if you use the rpm packages and want to compile KBear you also need the *-devel-* package). You also need kdebase if you want support for more protocols than ftp.

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