KChart 1.6.1 review

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KChart is the KOffice chart drawing application part of the KOffice suite

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 55663K
Developer: The KOffice Project
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KChart is the KOffice chart drawing application part of the KOffice suite. Use it to embed charts into your KOffice documents, e.g. a report written with KWord or a slideshow made with KPresenter.

Here are some key features of "KChart":
Easy to Use:

default values for all parameters
automatic ordinate axis computation based on highest/lowest data value
default sizes (fonts, line widths...) relative to the window size

Highly Configurable:

All of the parameters may be changed after configuring/drawing the chart.
Size values (axis/grid line width, font sizes, bar width, dataset gap, pie chart radius ... ) may be specified in either absolute pixels or relative to the window size. This makes your chart layout-independent since such values are being recalculated automatically when the window dimensions have changed.

Flexible Layout:

Legends may be centered at a chart edge or in a corner with the chart making way in vertical and/or in horizontal direction thus offering 16 legend/chart relationships to choose from
Header and footer texts have special font type/size and color settings

Axes and Data:

Automatical ordinate axis computation based on highest/lowest data value which can be easily replaced by programmer-defined start, end and delta value settings.
Abscissa labels may be taken either from data cells containing the respective strings or from programmer-defined QStringLists or calculated automatically based on a format chosen by the user and values found in the cells
Up to 8 axes: 2 left, 2 right, 2 top, 2 bottom
A chart may have 2 different ordinates: e.g. left axis for series 1,2,3 right axis for data series 4
Each axis may draw (sub-)grid lines using their own color, line width, style

Chart Combinations:

sharing the same abscissa axis or using different ones (e.g Top and Bottom axis)
sharing the same ordinate or using different ones (e.g Left and Right axis)
Axes may use the same line color / line width as the bars (or the lines, resp.) which they belong to.

Chart Types:

Bar: normal | stacked | percent, 2D | 3D-Look
Line: normal | stacked | percent, 2D | 3D-Look, show marker: circle | square | diamond
Area: normal | stacked | percent
HiLo: normal | open-close
Pie: normal | exploded | some exploded, 2D | 3D
Ring: normal | exploded | some exploded, fixed thickness | relative thickness
Polar: normal | stacked | percent

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