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KDChart application is a tool for creating business charts and is the most powerful Qt component of its kind. Besides from having

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KDChart application is a tool for creating business charts and is the most powerful Qt component of its kind.

Besides from having all the standard features, it also enables the developer to design and manage a large number of axes and provides sophisticated means of customization.
In addition to detailed and precisely configuring the chart layout it is possible to complement the design by adding custom rich-text boxes and/or frames to data points or to random positions.

Being extremely configurable, KDChart is also easily scalable by automatically adjusting font sizes and layout when being resized. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently create user-friendly programs that offer the same level of functionality, or a even higher one, in Qt programs as on other platforms. It is no coincidence that the current version of the KOffice productivity suite uses our library.

What's New in 1.1.3 Stable Release:
Besides from various smaller fixes, code adjusting and other issues like documentation updates, the following list contains a list of bugfixes included in the KD Chart 1.1.3 release.


Fixed the display of the axis title font when using high resolution printing.


Fixes 3D bars painting:

The front face of the bar now matches the y axis labels.
Fixed various rendering errors depending of the values of the bars (high values - negative values ...)

Fixes bars painting

Fixed painting of excess arrows, when the user choose to display a restricted view of the chart ( start/end values).
The user have a better control over the bar Width when needed.
Fixed occasional painting problem when resizing a barPercent view.
Bar painting is more accurate and looks better.

3D Lines:

Fixed wrong display for 3D lines painting.


Fixed axis subdelimiters: Were not always precisely matching with the grid lines, data values.
Added the possibility to force the diplay of non fractional values on the axis.


Fixed alignment of the legend text to its marker.
Fixed rendering legends when changing its position and orientation


Fixed a compilation issue on gcc 3.4

Labels truncation and position:

Several small issues has been fixed. Those cases were happening occasionally.

.. and various other bug fixes and code tuning.

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