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This small script lets You create subtitles "from scrath"

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 126K
Developer: kEchoSub Team
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This small script lets You create subtitles "from scrath" . When You want to make a translation for a movie and there are no subtitles available on the net even in other languages You can use this script.

Since version 0.2 it can also convert time stamps to hh:mm:ss with 'add zeros' button. For example it can convert a timestamps like 1:22:3 to 01:22:03 format making it readable for some stupid video players which can't rad 1:22:3 format.

Since version 0.2 it can also add minumum time to read a subtitle line - different for long lines and short lines. You cna set the options "Characters per lon g line" to indicate how much characters doesn the line have to have to be considered LONG in Your opinion.

Ths script will then calculate the time spaces in seconds beteween the lines and it it's too short it'll put a | mark instead of timestampt so the video player will display the second time without erasing the preaviouse line from the screen.


What's New in This Release:
added 'apply minimum time to read' script
added 'add zeros' script

remember to 'add zeros' before 'apply minimum time to read'

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