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Kile project is a user friendly TeX/LaTeX editor for the KDE desktop environment

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jeroen Wijnhout
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Kile project is a user friendly TeX/LaTeX editor for the KDE desktop environment. KDE is available for many architectures such as PC, PowerPC (Mac for example) and SPARC.

Here are some key features of "Kile":
Compile, convert and view your document with one click.
Auto-completion of (La)TeX commands
Templates and wizards makes starting a new document very little work.
Easy insertion of many standard tags and symbols and the option to define (an arbitrary number of) user defined tags.
Inverse and forward search: click in the DVI viewer and jump to the corresponding LaTeX line in the editor, or jump from the editor to the corresponding page in the viewer.
Finding chapter or sections is very easy, Kile constructs a list of all the chapter etc. in your document. You can use the list to jump to the corresponding section.
Collect documents that belong together into a project.
Easy insertion of citations and references when using projects.
Flexible and smart build system to compile your LaTeX documents.
QuickPreview, preview a selected part of your document.
Easy access to various help sources.
Advanced editing commands.

What's New in This Release:
· Recognize escaped chars in newcommand. (#132899)
· Use KPDF as embedded viewer for quick preview, because KPDF can remember current settings. (#129177)
· Bugs in tabular wizard, when merging, breaking and merging again some cells
· Quote replacement should not happen inside verbatim/verb environment (#133112)
· Fix bug in tabular wizard, when breaking some multicolumn cells
· Don't use default permissions for backup file (CVE CAN-2005-1920 also applies to kile)
· Fix bug in syntax highlighting: mathmode in optional parameter (#134146)
· Allow tools with brackets in the configuration string also in sequence tools, fixed also the crash which hid the bug. (#134605)
· One fix in latex-document-cwl and color.cwl
· Fix crash when adding a file to a project (with no open documents) which contains an undefined reference (#135575)
· Improve the logic for closing environments (#134793)
· Don't treat [foo] as a math environment (#137131)
· Remove selected text also if we insert a " (#137272)

· Prepared the latex syntax file for beamer commands

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