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KKBSwitch is a keyboard layout indicator for KDE 2 or 3

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Leonid Zeitlin
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KKBSwitch is a keyboard layout indicator for KDE 2 or 3. It is useful when you have configured the XKeyboard extension of your X Server to have more than one keyboard group (layout), for example US/ASCII and Russian.

KKBSwitch displays an icon in the system tray that indicates which layout is currently active. Note that KKBSwitch does not help you configure XKeyboard, it merely serves as the indicator of the current layout. You still have to configure XKeyboard by editing the XF86Config file.

Here are some key features of "kkbswitch":
Displays an icon in the system tray indicating which keyboard layout is currently active.
Keyboard layout switching by clicking the applet's icon or selecting the desired group from the menu.
Configurable icons for the keyboard layouts. Icons can show either a corresponding country flag, the corresponding language ISO two-letter code (a la Windows®), or language code against the background of a country flag (a la KDE application kxkb). If that's not enough, choose your our custom graphic!
The "toggle mode"; when the mode is activated, the XKeyboard layout-switch key toggles between the two most recently-used keyboard layouts. The third and fourth layouts (if configured) are accesible via KKBSwitch's tray icon menu. Useful if you have configured more than two layouts, but only two are actively used.
Make layout global, or choose to have per-application or per-window layouts.
Configurable keyboard shortcuts to quickly activate a particular layout (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+1 activate the first layout, etc).

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