KMAGO 2.0 review

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KMAGO stands for MAnager for Get Operations

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 696K
Developer: Sergio Moretti
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KMAGO stands for MAnager for Get Operations. It's a download manager with a nice GUI interface.

It is based on KDE library , and QT, either GPL'ed libraries.

Currently, download operations can be based on KDE I/O library.

Here are some key features of "KMAGO":
drag and drop operations with applications (konqueror, Netscape, ...) and between KMago widgets
drop target and system tray icon with d'n'd capabilities
transfers grouping
multiple downloads control with priority and selectable priority policy
resume capability check
full configurable
enabled to manage many retriever commands
cookie and http related management offered by KDE I/O library

KDE Desktop environment, at least version 2.0.1.
QT libraries, at least version 2.2.
optionally wget command line files retriever version 1.5.3.

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