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DFM is a file manager for Linux and other UNIX like Operating Systems

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 380K
Developer: Achim Kaiser
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DFM is a file manager for Linux and other UNIX like Operating Systems. DFM is the abrvabation for Desktop File Manager.

"Desktop" stands for the capability to place icons on the root window. The idea to write DFM came from OS/2. For a long time I had worked with OS/2.

Using Linux I miss a desktop that provides easy launching programs, managing files and their association. I think only a program like the WPS can provide this.

Here are some key features of "dfm":
Normal view, Detail view, Structure view
Icons may have any size
placement of icons is free (Normal view)
every file have its own icon and startcommand
copy, move and link files
The desktop is a special folder in the homedirectory - There the user can place links to favourite programs or folders of the system
every DFM-window have its own backgroundpixmap or color
XV thumbnails are used as icons
XDND drag support
Offix drag support

You need "The Gimp Toolkit" from the GTK+ homepage. (Version 1.2+)
You also need the "XPM Library": libXpm.4.7.tar.gz from Sunsite or the The XPM Format and Library homepage. The archive xpm-3.4k.tar.gz (source) contains the library version 4.11 (>4.7) !

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