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Kommander project is a two part application

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: KDE Web Dev Team
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Kommander project is a two part application. The first part is the editor where you visually build dialogs and applications and edit the scripting elements. The second part is the executor which processes the generated XML file.

Kommander is a non traditional "disruptive" technology. It does not compile applications but it does not do build it's interface through interpreted scripting and it's DCOP calls are compiled functions.

So it produces dialogs and applications that are very small for internet transmission, run very fast and do not have binary issues.

Kommander dialogs integrate easily into KDE applications because it speaks their Inter Process Communication language, DCOP.

They can perform thousands of operatons per second and they have a full compliment of KDE widgets to build with. If you are an application developer you can also easily add widget plugins as well as use Kommander to deliver internationalized extentions to your users that don't require compiling.

What's New in This Release:
1.3 is a development release because it is not part of the official KDE packages as it introduces features and strings.
It is however mostly a bug fix release with a new text editor and is backwards compatible with the latest 3.5x release.
It is HIGHLY recommended for all people using the editor.
It's a major improvement.

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