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Konversation project is a user friendly Internet Relay Chat client. What's New i

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Nathaniel W. Turner
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Konversation project is a user friendly Internet Relay Chat client.

What's New in This Release:
A bug that caused left-to-right text contained in lines determined to be right-to-left text to appear reversed has been fixed.
Whether a line is treated as right-to-left vs. left-to-right text is now determined by the amount of each type of character in the line, improving the user experience in chats involving bi-directional text considerably.
The "Edit Network" dialog has been refined for clarity and ease of use.
A warning dialog to prevent accidentally quitting Konversation has been added.
The Auto Replace list can now be sorted.
The '/media' script command now sports improved player recognition, enhanced and easier configurability, the ability to distinguish between audio and video media as well as newly added support for kdetv. New '/audio' and '/video' command aliases have been added to expose these new abilities.
The lower boundary of the default DCC port range has been raised from 1025 to 1026 to avoid conflicts with the commonly blocked Windows RPC port 1025.
Dismissing an OSD notification by clicking on it will now also cancel the systray notification flash.
A new configuration file option [OSD]OSDCheckDesktopLock has been added, allowing to manually disable the screensaver check in non-KDE environments that do not support it, causing the OSD not to be displayed.
A bug that could lead to the "Switch to" sub-menu in the context menus of tabs not to be updated properly upon switching tabs has been fixed.
A bug that caused the 'irc setBack' DCOP call not to function has been fixed.
A bug that caused ampersands in the names of tabs not to be displayed and an immediately following character to be used as keyboard accelerator has been fixed.
A bug that caused ignoring nicknames with '[' or ']' characters in them to fail has been fixed.
Command aliases containing regular expression syntax can no longer cause built-in commands not to function.
A bug that caused the Konversation irc:// protocol handler not to function has been fixed. Its compatibility with systems that do not use the GNU bash shell as default shell has been improved.
A notable number of code quality improvements suggested by KDEs automated quality control service EBN have been implemented.

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