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KOssMixer is a mixer control or access program for sound cards that use OSS compatible drivers

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: John Gluck
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KOssMixer is a mixer control or access program for sound cards that use OSS compatible drivers. It is important to understand that this program as well as other GUI mixer programs do not provide the mixer capabilities.

Mixer programs provide access to the mixer devices provided by the sound card drivers and ultimately the hardware of your sound card. Do not expect to magically find new capabilities for your hardware.

Many of today's sound card use DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) that can be programmed by downloading software to them. Some of the sound card and mixer features will therefore, depend on the software that is downloaded to the DSP by the driver. This explains why many iterations of drivers can add or remove sound card features.

While this program was specifically written for OSS, ALSA drivers also work if you enable the OSS compatibility. You can find information for setting up ALSA with OSS compatibility here. The program is written for KDE 2.2 and can be used as a replacement for kmix.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were over 400 downloads in the first week after the initial release. There were no bug reports. The second release had several hundred downloads in the first few days.

I consider the state of this project to be beta but is fully functional. I do plan to add a few more features and of course suggestions and feedback are welcome (see distribution).

What's New in This Release:
Added hide / show capability for individual controls.
Added ability to change displayed name of controls.
Fixed app closing problem was completely quiting.
Quit now only works from quit menu entries.

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