KrabbitWorld 1.18 review

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License: Shareware
File size: 155438K
Developer: KrabbitSoft Studios
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KrabbitWorld is a fully 3D action/adventure game with RPG style buildable characters, that appeals to the whole family, casual gamers as well as hard core gamers.

Here are some key features of "KrabbitWorld":
Highly Customizable Krabbits
Build Characters that Grow as they Level (lvl cap 999)
34 Unique Animations per Player Character
Dynamic Beat'em Up Hack'n'Slash Style Kombat
Gain Quests and Uncover the Story
4 Unique Powers per Player Character
Breakable stuff, magical items
13 Monsters and Mad Spawn, 11 levels
4 Levels of Difficulty
Weather fx, Otherworldly Environments
35 minute Original Music Score
Single or Multiplay!
40+ hours game play
Free Updates

Pentium 850
128 MB RAM NVIDIA TNT2 or better 3D Graphics Accelerator
Linux-supported sound card
XFree86 4.0 or newer with NVIDIA OpenGL drivers
glibc 2.2 or newer (e.g.: Slackware 7.1+, Redhat 7.x+, Mandrake 8.x+, Debian 3.0+)
SDL version 1.2 or newer (1.2.3 or later is recommended)
OpenAL Runtime or SDK Installation
Mesa3D version 3.4 or newer (3.4.2 or later recommended)

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