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Orbz is an action/arcade game set in colorful 3D environments

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Developer: GarageGames
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Orbz is an action/arcade game set in colorful 3D environments. The object of the game is to shoot your orb at targets located throughout 14 distinct courses in a race to score the most points.

Game play contains both intense action and also strategy in planning the best scoring shots. Power-ups, like the "Money Shot" and "Curse of the Goober", are also available to either give you a scoring advantage or to slow down your opponents.

In Solo Mode, the player completes a series of progressively difficult challenges that focus on scoring the most points in different scenarios. Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals are awarded for scoring performance and high scores for each challenge are tracked world-wide against all other Orbz players.

For every 5 gold medals achieved, the player will also unlock a fancy new Orb to use in Solo or Online mode. Finally, there is a tutorial mode that will teach the player basics controls and scoring strategies.

The Online Mode allows Orbz players to compete against each other over the Internet or Local Area Network. Up to 10 players, including computer opponents called Botz, can join a Lobby where the matches will be coordinated by selecting the course to play, number of rounds in the match, and a per-round time limit. A world-wide ranking system is also available for those who wish to compete for the ultimate title of Orbz Champion.

Here are some key features of "Orbz":
14 Colorful Courses:

Compete in fourteen immersive and richly-detailed courses set in four different themes. Accelerators and Teleporters can be used to travel great distances. Watch out for Magnets that can attract or repel your Orb. The environment also affects your Orb, so shooting out of water slows you down, hitting sand will stop your Orb quickly, and skipping across ice causes your Orb to slide further than in grass.

Glacial Chasm
Snow is gently falling and icy winds are blowing as you shoot amongst the evergreens and try to keep out of the chilly water.

Mystic Spring
Use the Floater power-up to keep yourself afloat as you score in this course, which is dominated by a roaring waterfall.

Haunted Grove
Wolves are howling and lightning is crackling about you in this star-littered graveyard.

Under Construction
Partially constructed buildings provide the setting for these challenging courses. Watch out for the girders and be sure not to fall off!


Eight zany power-ups are available to gain the advantage on your opponents!

Curse of the Goober
Super Shot
Sticky Shot
Freeze Frame
Money Shot

Strategic Solo Challenges:

35 single-player challenges that get will train and test your scoring skillz.
Recieve bronze, silver, or gold medals for your scoring performance on each challenge.
Unlock new exciting orbs for every 5 gold medals achieved. Can you collect them all?
Top Ten community high scores per challenge will pit you against the entire Orbz community.
Top Ten personal high scores are maintained for each challenge.

Intense Online Action:

Compete with up to 9 other players over the Internet or on a LAN.
Compete against up to 9 Botz that will constantly adjust their skill level to match your own.
Quick Play feature finds the best game out there and drops you into the action. No hassle, no fuss.
Use the handy Search feature to find a specific game to join. You can even see who is playing a game and what their global rank is before joining the game.
Host your own game and control the competition by choosing the course to play, time limit, and number of rounds.
Online Ranking provides for the ultimate competition. You good enough to be #1?
Join a match as an Observer to watch the action as it happens.
Use hilarious Voice Messages to taunt your opponents and throw them off their game.

Pentium 400, 128 MB RAM
NVIDIA TNT2-class or better 3D Graphics Accelerator
Sound card
Kernel 2.4 or newer
glibc 2.2 or newer
XFree86 4.0 or newer with hardware accelerated OpenGL drivers. Supported distributions: Gentoo, Lindows 3.0+, Redhat 7.1+, SuSE
7.1+, Mandrake 8.x+, Debian 3.0+.

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