Large File HexEditor 0.4 review

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lfhex is an application for viewing and editing files in hex, octal, binary, or ascii text

License: QPL (QT Public License)
File size: 38K
Developer: Salem Ganzhorn
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lfhex is an application for viewing and editing files in hex, octal, binary, or ascii text. Large File HexEditor's main strength is it's ability to work with files much larger than system memory (or address space for that matter!).

Here are some key features of "Large File HexEditor":
Low memory usage
Instant load times
Instant save times
Infinite undo/redo
Dynamic hex/octal/binary/ascii editing mode
"Goto" field for jumping to a specified offset (offset can be specified by a mathematical expression: 0xff*3
64 bit offset support
Dynamic resize support

Conversion dialog

Linked to selection
Shows conversion to int, float, double, ascii, hex
Modifying int/float/double/ascii/hex updates all the other fields
Option to show/edit byteswapped values

Binary comparison dialog

differences can be walked by "block"
a block can be from 1-16 bytes long
starting offset can be different in each file

Minimal dependencies (just Qt)

You must have Qt 3.x or latter to compile/link lfhex.
You must have a compiler which is sane when using templates.
You must have flex and bison

Does not support insertion/deletion (cannot change file size)
Search/compare can be slow (compared to cmp or any other non-paged IO app)
Cannot search files with unsaved modifications


gunzip -c lfhex-x.x.tar.gz | tar xvf -
% cd lfhex-x.x
% ./configure
% make
% su
% make install

What's New in This Release:
The code was ported to Qt 4.x.
The conversion dialog was changed to a docked assistant.

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